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mySQL Foreign Keys

I love database relationships, and msSQL makes them extremely easy to manipulate at will.  When i switched back to mySQL a couple of years ago I also made the switch from phpMyAdmin to Navicat and immediately didn’t understand Navicat’s way of handling relationships in mySQL… correctly called “foreign keys” for mySQL vs. msSQL “relationships”.  My copy of Ben Forta’s MySQL Crash Course didn’t dive much more than a sentence into the subject, so I thought I’d revisit mySQL relationships when I was ready to sit down and figure it out.  And although I don’t consider foreign keys/relationships absolutely necessary because I can do everything manually, they sure are nice, particularly on the larger databases where sometimes you may overlook cleaning everything up.  Having the database do a little more work vs. the language (ColdFusion or PHP in my case) is always nice too. Read more