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Network Upgrades: CAT7 and IPv6

I received a message from a follower asking me about my current network configuration, both in reference to a post I made a few years ago and the fact he too lives in the St. Louis area and uses Charter.  Funny you should ask….

I currently pay for Charter’s highest tier at 100/5 (the fastest in our area… /praying for Google Fiber to come to the St. Louis area).  I’ve never really achieved the speeds I pay for with my hardware and never felt the need, but as my hardware was nearing 5 years old (it was future-proofed at the time) and my family’s demands on the hardware are more reliant and strenuous, I felt it was time to future-proof once again.

First, my old configuration:

And for my newly purchased upgrades:

The purpose behind this whole project was to future-proof with reasonable expectation of some slight speed increase over the network… nothing spectacular and not terribly expensive.

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