Star Wars The Old Republic vs. World of Warcraft

I’ve been listening a lot about the latest “Warcraft killer” and I just really quick wanted to put my two-cents in on the subject.  Here’s where SWTOR fits in on the list:

  • Lineage II
  • Everquest 2
  • City of Heroes/Villians/Champions (a whole saga of failure… epic!)
  • Guild Wars
  • Warhammer
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Age of Empires Online
  • Rift
  • Insert Latest WOW Killer Here Star Wars: The Old Republic

That’s right… every single one of the above (I’m sure I missed a few) have all been labelled as “wow killers” over the years and each and every one has suffered the exact same fate… 1-2 months of mass appeal and a near immediate drop-off of players to only accumulate a cult following at best.  Does that mean these games are all failures?  Absolutely not!  Many were very good, if not even [visually] better than WOW.  But it’s amazing to watch the scores of players crawl back to Warcraft boasting how loyal a Blizzard fan they are after the fact.  I find this unfortunate because I really wish they were “loyal Blizzard” fans, which I believe would make Warcraft even better; to have every player make up in their mind they’re playing and not ever leaving would eliminate many of the people blatantly being jerks because somewhere players made up their mind that it isn’t ok to be content with what’s sitting in front of you… and apparently because you’re a paying customer you’re somehow entitled to complain about what’s there instead of provide feedback or even take a break from the game altogether.

On the other hand, if this means I won’t see the multitudes of people complaining in trade chat for a few months, I’m all for it.

Having now played the SWOTR beta I’m just going to make this short and sweet… for everyone switching to SWTOR… see you in MOP.  Nothing different here from the above list.  Think you’re bored with wow or updates not coming fast enough for you?  SWOTR monotony makes wow monotony look like paradise!  Let the “I’m never coming back to wow” replies begin.

The one place I think SWTOR has learned from it’s predecessors is bugs.  the game is surprisingly stable and flows quite well.  The one relatively different aspect of SWTOR from other MMOGs is the strong focus on the storyline which has been touted by the developer all along.  This is really where SWOTR will lose everyone in my opinion… questing in WOW is wonderful the first time and then you can kinda go back to questing whenever you want, opting along the way for so many other things from PvP, to dungeons, raids, and even plants vs. zombies.  Most importantly you’re free to roam wherever you want from level one.  You do not have that freedom with SWTOR.  You’re kind of locked into this questing mode which actually instantly turned me off from the game.  I game to relax and constantly being told what I have to do over and over again isn’t fun for me.  Wheras in WOW, I wanna jump off a cliff I’ll do it.  Even better, I’ll mount up, fly as high as I can and get an awesome rush as I watch my body plummet to the ground.  That level of spontaneity and freedom offered in WOW simply isn’t there in SWTOR.  Is SWTOR an excellent game?  Oh absolutely.  Will it stand the test of time?  Sorry, but it’s just another icon on my constantly growing list in Windows Add/Remove programs… I’m sure I’ll forget to uninstall this one too.

On an a side note, the Diablo III beta is excellent and is truly a game to get excited about.

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