Java 1.8 and ColdFusion 10

Ted Patrick retweeted a little blurb about Java 1.8 being released into the wild, so I immediately had to give it a go with CF10.  Unlike the myriad of problems I had trying to upgrade to Java 1.7 before the CF10 update 8, Java 1.8 worked without a hitch [on Windows 2008r2]!

I just stopped my CF10 service, uninstalled 1.7, installed 1.8, modified the java.home directory in my jvm.config file (CFdir\cfusion\bin\), restarted the service and presto!  It worked!

Now I have no idea what the benefits are other than the usual faster, more secure… blah, blah, blah… but finally!  Something that didn’t require jumping through hoops with Adobe.  Love it!  This is on my development server and I’ve looked at all my sites with only a brief look.  I’ll update this post if I notice anything good or bad as a result of the upgrade.

Screenshot and Java link after the break.jdk18

JDK & JRE 1.8.0

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