CF10 Disaster Resolved… Sort-Of

So Adobe caught wind of my troubles and went out of their way to contact me (through e-mail and on the phone) to try and fix the issues I was having.  There were a few times when I think we were both gonna lose it (to be honest I’m just glad the same problems I had been having were arising for him), but after 75 arduous minutes, we were able to establish that ColdFusion 10 did in fact install (I knew this), indeed it was working (that was a revelation to me), but was not configuring IIS correctly with a previous iteration of ColdFusion having been on the server (CF9 in this case).

In my particular case (of both my win2008r2 servers), CF10 did in fact install, but did NOT update the mappings in IIS.  The key to my sites not working lied within the IIS Handler Mappings.  When installing CF10, none of the handler mappings were changed to CF10, it retained the old CF9 handler mappings.  This is both when I installed CF10 with CF9 already on the server and when I had removed CF9 from the server before installing CF10, in which the CF9 uninstall did not remove the IIS mappings (you get all that? lol).  Also worth noting is ColdFusion now uses ports on the 8007 and 8012… ports on my development server that were being used (each site in IIS had it’s own port to make it unique for development on the 8000 block of ports… I moved my stuff to the 8100 block).  Bear in mind that if you have a lot of sites (and I have like 20+ on each server), that changing all these mappings is a VERY time consuming and tedious process.  I had fixed IIS to the point it would render ColdFusion, but that was it (couldn’t render PHP or even basic HTML anymore).  Seeing no easy way to fix everything in a timely manner after tearing IIS apart with Adobe to find problems, I concluded a fresh reinstall of Win2008r2 was a better route to take (I tried removing and re-adding the IIS server role, but even that was gonna take some internal work to completely reset… bleh… reinstall).

Apparently CF10 LOVES a fresh install of Windows 2008 with no previous version of CF having been installed… CF10 installed without so much as a hiccup.  I was like, dude… I have all the patches already downloaded, I’ll just manually patch the whole thing.  Very dumb idea!  Somewhere along the process the patch prevented the CF service from starting.  The console revealed that the jvm.dll was the culprit and installing a current version of java (6 or 7) and editing the jvm.config file yielded nothing more than even still a non-working service (more on this to come in the form of another post).  So I uninstalled CF10 and reinstalled yet again!  I manually applied the mandatory patch, but this time used the CF Admin to apply each patch beyond that individually.  The update process too is also a bit strange.  For starters it lists the newest patch first, so it was prompting me to install update 7 before update 1… weird (the others should have been grayed out until the first update was installed and so on).  Then the ‘update & install’ button didn’t work.  No biggy, so I clicked the download link and watched it download, then clicked on the install link and clicked on the two confirmations.  For the record,  DO NOTHING after you click the second confirmation as navigating away from that page once again prevented my CF service from starting and let me reinstall CF10 yet again.  So after you’ve clicked the second confirmation for the update, WAIT until you receive the CF Admin login screen, which means the service restarted and the patch was successfully applied.  Finally!  A working, up-to-date ColdFusion 10 after another ten hours.  Now to setup my 20+ sites that now have two virtual directories (CFIDE and jakarta) as opposed to the just one CF9 had.

IF (the big IF) you can get it to work, CF10 does indeed work well.  However, CF10 is hands down the most finicky software I have EVER used.  Maybe the answer is to update the download from Adobe to include all the updates to date (if indeed the updates are fixes to the problems) as others have suggested, but honestly I don’t know.  CF10’s certainly not [yet] prone to the beating I was able to give CF9 daily… even hourly.

So add the 10 hours onto the 6 I already put in and it took me no less than sixteen hours to get CF10 installed (upgrading from CF9 is STILL ridiculous and I’m skeptical at best whether I’d even consider an upgrade on my live server should I decide CF10 is something my clientele want or even need).  Even though my problems with CF10 are now resolved [for now] (thank you Adobe Support… like seriously, I couldn’t have done it without you), I still wouldn’t recommend a CF10 upgrade to the faint of heart.  As simple and easy as the CF9 install already is, the upgrade/install of CF10 shouldn’t be this difficult, and it is, which requires rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.  And hopefully after using every foul word in the book and using a little elbow grease you’ll end up with a working install in the end as I did.

Now to play with it for the next 30 days and finally find out if it was worth it….

P.S. – Sean I’m gonna give Railo a fair shot too and I’ll be sure to share my experience with it as well. :)


  1. Pete Freitag says:

    Quick comment about the hotfixes listed in reverse order – I think the reason for that is that they are cumulative, so you don’t need to install each one, just the latest.

  2. Henry Ho says:

    Good to know, thank you.

  3. Ian Keong says:

    Our CF10 upgrade from CF9 was resolved only after uninstalling both CF9 and 10, clearing out Files and Folders that referenced ColdFusion, as well as cleaning out registry items with ColdFusion references.
    This kinda puts the server in a ‘fresh’ setting for a new CF10 install.
    The last part was deleting the web.config files from the root folder of each website.
    Several restarts were done here and there, but all seems to be working well.

    I’m no IIS or ColdFusion expert, but it’s blogs like these which lead you to the right path, so thank you!

  4. Jon Dyson says:

    I am having the EXACT same problem. It’s now a year after this was posted. I’m using the latest installer downloaded from Adobe. Because I had CF9 previously installed the IIS mapping is wrong, and I can’t seem to fix this. I’m just shocked adobe hasn’t addressed this issue in over a year.

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