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Adobe CC Deprecated Me!

So I spent the past day excitedly uninstalling all my CS6 software and “upgrading” to the new Adobe CC.  I didn’t want to believe Adobe would no longer develop Fireworks (which I find completely stupid and insane, but whatever), so I figured I’d spend the next 6-12 months teaching myself Illustrator… no biggie.  If Rogie can do it, I can do it.

Well not only is Fireworks dead, but lo and behold ColdFusion development has been completely removed from Dreamweaver!  What!?!  When was this announced?  What do I do?  I have work due by the end of the week… and I CAN’T REINSTALL CS6!!!  Seriously, I physically cannot get my work done!

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Creative Cloud Subscriptions Are Awesome!

After yesterday’s rant on ColdFusion I wanted to be sure to point out some genuine Adobe good stuff.

I signed up for the Adobe creative cloud in September and can’t speak highly enough of it.  The product has genuinely been a pleasure to use.  I just thought I’d point out a few pros and cons of the service for anyone still holding out:


  • The latest upgrades and updates at your fingertips
  • Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator CS6 are just awesome!
  • Acrobat XI Pro is a great product too
  • Includes a TypeKit subscription… I was even issued a refund for the unused portion from my previous subscription… awesome!
  • Adobe Story… Need I say more.  Although I’m an amateur at best, I love this product!

Cons (not really cons… more like, where the product could use some improvement)

  • You can’t [yet] customize the folder location of The Creative Cloud Connection on your PC… your stuck with the directory Adobe gives you by default.
  • Would love it if Dreamweaver/Creative Cloud Connection would work together for live, processed dynamic coldfusion|php|jsp|etc. code for testing.
  • Creative Cloud has a bad habit of losing my logged in session and I’m signing in a little more frequently than I’d like.


I’ve always had a passion for using Fireworks since version 2. The first time I used Fireworks I could barely code a website… I used the Fireworks export tool to do everything for me (I totally flipped when I figured out how easily I could create rollover dropdown menus). In fact I’ve been using Fireworks so long now I still miss the oldskool font editor, although it’s something I’ve learned to live without.

Normally, I use Fireworks for all my web mockups… in fact I use it daily.

Then came along the day a few years ago when I wanted to learn how to create vector icons and I immediately turned to Illustrator. Meh… any vector icons I needed to create can just as easily be made in Fireworks… I just love the control and ease of use with my pen tool and those sprites.

This past year I designed a bunch of print material for various projects (several event flyers, event tickets and even a book of ads), so I turned to Photoshop (after strongly looking at Illustrator and InDesign). Nope… it’s Fireworks again to the rescue. I got the information I needed from the printer for DPI, size and bleed and I was easily able to export into the PDF format the printer needed.

I think it’s awesome I can do all this along with resizing and/or renaming images for my galleries with the batch tool, take screenshots of windows, use any Photoshop filter and even do skinning for Flex and Air.

I’m sure it has a lot to do with the comfort level I have with Fireworks, but it never ceases to amaze me the sheer versatility and flexibility the program has to offer. I personally don’t think Fireworks gets nearly enough praise for all it can do.